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March 2017

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BOPO Battle

WARNING: Potential anorexia triggers.

I am 22. From age 8 I can remember thinking “I am fat.” I wasn’t. But because I could see people who were skinnier than me, and because diet culture exploded into the popular mainstream around that time, I inadvertently became conditioned to thinking that if I could see someone smaller than me, I must be ‘big’. The first time I threw out my lunch I was 10. I had read about an Olsen twin who lost weight because of anorexia. I didn’t know what this was, so I looked it up. Although the concept wasn’t fully graspable to my prepubescent brain, I understood enough to know that if I didn’t eat maybe I wouldn’t be what I deemed ‘fat’ (a dangerous word that I will come back to later). Little did I know that one Google search would lead me down a path that was…

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Thoughts On: Moonlight (2016)

Given the high levels of anticipation in the run up to its release, and with only one (little seen) feature film under his belt, Barry Jenkins had a lot to prove with his film adaptation of Tarell Alvin McCraney’s 2003 play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue (2003). Luckily, the film is a triumphantly poignant and slow-burning drama; offering a stunning exploration of how perspectives of sexuality, masculinity, and race intersect and react with one another. Decidedly “low-key” in its initial approaches, and with a permanent undercurrent of raw emotional power, Moonlight is a deliciously vibrant study of black life in America that smacks of Romanticism. Continue reading “Thoughts On: Moonlight (2016)”

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