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Dogtooth / Kynodontas (2009)

Beautiful, bizarre, and bizarrely beautiful: Yorgos Lanthimos' Dogtooth isn't the easiest film to digest, but it's certainly still one hell of a feast for the senses. Almost oppressive in its coldness, Lanthimos manages to serve up a film that constantly moves... Continue Reading →


Thor Ragnarok (2017)

The latest feature from Taika Waititi, Thor Ragnarok positively bursts at the seams with colourful, camp-y goodness that proves superhero movies don't have to be gritty/edgy to be a good-time-had-by-all success. Mashing up Norse mythology with comic book style while balancing... Continue Reading →

The Final Girls present: We Are the Weirdos

A production by The Final Girls, We Are The Weirdos is a brilliant selection of short films from some of the newest female voices of the horror genre; spanning from slashers to circus to body horror sub-genres, and with narratives concerning... Continue Reading →

SPOOKTOBER: Day 31 — Halloween (1978)

Nothing goes hand-in-hand with the horror genre more than terrified teenage girls, and John Carpenter's Halloween serves up adolescent terror by the truck load. A landmark in defining the slasher film; it's a brilliant little movie that, with the familiar claustrophobic... Continue Reading →

SPOOKTOBER: Day 30 — The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Highly divisive in its maybe-not-a-halloween-film-but-also-probably-not-a-christmas-film-either status, it's of this blog's opinion that any film beginning and ending in Halloweentown is definitely spooky. Tim Burton/Henry Selick's The Nightmare Before Christmas is a wonderfully morbid mish-mash of musical, fairy tale, and horror all... Continue Reading →

SPOOKTOBER: Day 29 — Rope (1948)

Adapted from an old stage play by Patrick Hamilton, Hitchcock's Rope is a fiendishly clever crime-drama that bridges the gaps between theatre and cinema in the most delightful way. Melodramatic and full of witty little one-liners; it's probably one of the... Continue Reading →

SPOOKTOBER: Day 27 — A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Seamlessly blending the genres of vampire-film and western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is Ana Lily Amirpour's striking debut feature. Commenting on morality and subverting gender expectations in one swoop: it's a hauntingly beautiful film that's filled with the sort... Continue Reading →

SPOOKTOBER: Day 24 — The Evil Dead (1981)

Nestled somewhere between unsettling horror and farcical black comedy, Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead is a low-budget cult classic that has divided audiences as to whether its weight lies in the former or latter genre. Ranging from goofy to ghastly, with some... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Florence

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An open letter to Florence,

I can’t really believe I’m doing this. I’d probably mock myself for doing this…. in fact I already am. But something just compelled me. Stood there in the shower, stressed and desperately trying to shake off the stress, I felt compelled to get out, full lobster, climb into bed and put this down on paper. Or electronic paper, whatever, if you’re going to be pedantic…

Adolescence and young adulthood is far from a walk in the park for anyone. Actually, its more like scrabbling up (this is the image in my head so bear with…) one of those big inflatable assault course things and it’s super soapy and slippy and there’s some bugger at the top chucking buckets of icy water in your face, consequently propelling you backwards. It’s the period when you learn who you are, or who you think you might be and…

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